Update Released

Update Released

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Yandere Simulator Fans Rejoice - Big Update Brings New Features and Fixes! It's time to celebrate! Yandere Simulator fans eagerly await the latest update, and it's finally here. This update brings many fixes and new features, so let's look at what's changed.

First off, the game has received several bug fixes. The most important of these is a fix for an issue that caused the game to crash when players tried to switch between different activities in a short period. Additionally, several graphical issues have been addressed, such as characters appearing in incorrect poses or animations not playing correctly.

Next up are the new features. Players can now access a new class called “Physical Education” which will allow them to learn martial arts and self-defense skills. Also, they can now access an “Overseer Mode” to monitor other students’ activities while in class or roaming around school grounds.